Data, Facts and life

By Umer Raza There is a lot of data and facts in the world. There is a lot of life also to all these data and facts. Since I started working practically for “Abundance”, I was confronted with a lot of well wishes and at the same time questions. Once I shared my idea of... Continue Reading →

Three forms of Slavery

  By Umer Raza Slavery was abolished in all its physical forms, or known physical forms by 1960s from the world. Not long ago, just around 50 years ago. Ironically it took those people to abolish it, so many years that Islam abolished 1400 years ago. However, human are such, as they want to keep,... Continue Reading →

The Comfort Zone Trap

The Comfort Zone Trap By Umer Raza   Are you tied in the trap of comfort zone. Many feel the comfort zone as a blessing and continue to enjoy it, though right, yet the comfort zone in which we get trapped often takes us away from many potential peaks that we could have surpassed otherwise.... Continue Reading →

Extraordinary Personal Growth

Three suggestions for an Extraordinary Personal Growth By Umer Raza Personal growth is an area that unfortunately goes unnoticed by a large number of people. Although I have seen people who are desirous for personal growth and development yet they do not find any way out to this end. In this article I will share... Continue Reading →

Saying NO – Seeing Life

By Umer Raza There are things in life that you cannot know or understand before a certain period in life or an event in life. There are some age berries or experience barriers attached to each lesson. When I talk about learning I specifically refer to the learning ABOUT LIFE, not the skill based and... Continue Reading →

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