Entrepreneur Development

This is a Corporate Social Responsibility Project of Abundance Consulting. Through this project we encourage, promote and market new entrepreneurs.

In the new year of 2021 we have chosen 4 such entrepreneurs. Throughout the year we will encourage, market and support them through our network and services.

This year we have chosen new entrepreneurial ventures by
An ex hotelier who has started his own unique blend of services (Named Expresso Print – 042 35321214)
An Architect providing his personal services (Named Z-Design 0300 4243918 )
A female Ph.D providing health and nutrition services (for Females including Cupping Therapy)
An Artist providing his paint work (Named Art Exhibition 0044 7378 788856 )

We will keep on sharing through our network their service offerings and wish them growth in their work. At the same time we encourage all our network to support them and help them succeed.

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