The Success Equation


By Umer Raza

Ever wondered what success is? May be Yes…..Ever wondered how to get success? May be yes………..if previous two answers are yes, you must also be wondering how consistently one can get success and what we can do to ensure it………this question does not have a short answer though, neither it has a short route.

Let me tell you a brief story before here. Once there were two intelligent but naughty boys. They had a teacher who was very clever and always gave right answers to all the questions of his students and peers. That teacher never failed in giving the right answer. One day both boys thought of an idea in which they were sure to fail the teacher. They held a sparrow in their hand, closed their hand and stood in front of the teacher. They asked the teacher “Sir! Can you tell if the sparrow in our hand is alive or dead”. They were sure what to do at the answer of the teacher and he will fail surely. The teacher thought for few seconds and said “Son: if I tell you the sparrow is alive, you will kill her with the force of your hands, and if I tell you that it is alive you will open your hands and it will fly off alive………..It is in your hands whatever you want to do………………”. This is what happens with us in life as well. It is in our hands, if we succeed or fail, it is because of the actions we take.

The equation of success is nothing else but a skillful configuration of our hands. The equation goes something like this

S = (K + S) A

Where S is Success, K is Knowledge, S is Skills and A is attitude. Let us give some numbers here. If we have a person who is a Ph.D in a field, he has experience of 20 or more year we can give 100 out of 100 to this person for K and S. But at the same time we have seen many people around with such Knowledge and Skill that they do not WANT to work i.e. they have a negative attitude. And I we give “0” to them in attitude the whole success result will be Zero

S = (100+100) 0 = 0 (Zero)

On the other hand we have also seen most people with less knowledge and skill base but higher level of attitude. They may have 1 and 1 in knowledge and skills but 100 in attitude. They will soon over take those who have a zero in attitude. Their success equation will be something like

S = (1+1) 100 = 200

Now for ease let me change this attitude word (or WANT to do) with “CHAHAT” (URDU translation of the word WANT – a word that can create powerful image in your mind). If you have a CHAHAT to do something you will be able to do it regardless of if you have knowledge and skill for the same. If you have CHAHAT you will also get the knowledge and skills you need, but if you do not have CHAHAT soon your knowledge and skill will be of no use.

The more power full a CHAHAT is, the more it will be in your hands to achieve your success, the less CHAHAT you have the lesser control you have over your success. It is also interesting to note that both Knowledge and Skill are inversely proportional with CHAHAT. As the knowledge and skills grows in life the level of CHAHAT to do work declines. However, those remain successful who consider both as directly proportional and when their knowledge grows they keep their CAHAHT also growing. Success


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