Living a No Excuse Life

No Excuses

By Umer Raza

I could not complete the work BECAUSE…………..i could not reach in time Because………..i could not pass the exams because…………I could not fulfill my commitment because………..i could not get the job because…………I could not be a successful entrepreneur because………..i could not return the call because…………..and here come the excuses……………….Because I was ill, there was a lot of traffic, it was raining, my father did not allow, electricity was off, car was punctured, country’s economy was not good, my boss had a loose temper, I had to attend a ceremony, Pakistan was playing the final and so and so forth……..

How many times we have heard these excuses and how many of us do make such excuses. The list above can go on and on. There are thousands of excuses of not doing a thing. Because excuses are easy to make and sometimes they are ready made available. But it is the work that is difficult. However, those who got success in life were those who did not know EXCUSES but they were upbeat in defying them and moving ON with LIFE.

The unfortunate part in getting motivation from the stories of success around us and getting disillusioned thereafter is that we see the success of today of an individual, but forget to see the past of the same man or woman. We see today that Bill Gates is the richest person, but forget to see that how he toiled 40 years ago. We see today that Abdul Sattar Edhi is revered the world over today, but forget to see how he managed his life when he had to take care of his sick mother when he was just in his teens. We see today that Nelson Mendela was loved and remembered but forget to observe that he remained in jail and persecuted for 27……twenty seven years. We see today that KFC is a worldwide chain today, doing millions of dollars of business but forget to note that its owner (Colonel Sanders) had to receive thousands of NOs before his recipe was accepted. We see today many successful businessmen, professionals, and industry men but forget to go in their past and see how they managed to reach at this level. (I know there are many excuses just cooking in your head while reading it…..on of these might be……they were lucky people…………..But Luck favours the brave… doesn’t it).

There are hardly any successful people, or those who are at the top of their profession today, who did not suffer, had sleepless nights, had sweat or were discouraged on their way. At the same time we see many around us who want quick success and shorter routes to the top. These are those people who are impatient, have lack of belief and trust.

What was common in all those who got success? Was it the knowledge or the skills? I am afraid not. There might be many more knowledgeable and skill full people than them, but the one common element was to live a NO EXCUSE life, and the belief that if anybody could do it, this anybody is them.

Here is an interesting list of questions. Looking at these questions you can evaluate yourself as to how you are living your life. It is a no excuse life or a life full of IFs and BUTs.


Question Yes/No
Do I blame tardiness on “an alarm that didn’t go off”
Do I use the words “can’t or couldn’t”, when actually I “won’t or wouldn’t “ is the truth
Do I procrastinate and leave a mountain of work unfinished because “after all, I am only human”.
Do I avoid doing things because I am “too old”, “too young”, “too tired”, “too weak”……..
Do I accept defeat, convinced that “nice guys finish last”.
Do I excuse myself from the blame for a wrongdoing because “I was only following orders”
Do I fail to return phone calls or reply to emails because “I forget” to do so or I am “too busy”
Do I overeat because “I simply cannot help myself”
Do I cheat on exams because “everyone else does”.
Do I blame my career or business stagnation on my boss or the economy
Do I neglect my family because I “can’t find time”
Do I say “I don’t have time” to avoid doing the necessary tasks to become more successful in life
Do I say “it is not my cup of tea”, when I am objecting to an idea, instead of stating the real reason
Do I say “I don’t have the money” when it is not true
Do I say “it is in the mail” when it is not
Do I say “I would do it, BUT…..” when I am about to offer an excuse

Source of these questions: Book “No Excuse! I am doing it” by Jay Rifenbary

After answering these questions honestly, you may acknowledge the avenues where you can make excuses or avoid making excuses and move on with life. Remember if you are unable to give tough time to your Life, Life is on the standby to give you the tough time.



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