Find, Find and Find

Find, Find and Findpassion

By Umer Raza

You can find a number of disgruntled, disoriented and disillusioned people around you. These people may have a job or may not have any. These people may be looking for a job or may not be looking for one. But over time they settle for less. Less from what they could do and become in their life. Many amongst them over-estimate themselves and others underestimate themselves. But all these categories have a special feature in them, just like a new phone, new electrical appliance or a new car. Interestingly their special feature is set not by any Human but by the Almighty Allah. Just consider, if the Almighty Allah has set a special feature for all of us individually, what capacity that special feature might have ………….unlimited downloads, unlimited storage, unlimited battery and unlimited possibilities. If you are thinking now that these things in human also have limits, after all we have limits we cannot go on and on and on…………to this I am thinking that it is against the power, prestige and greatness of Allah that we think that there are any limits to all these. These are not His limits, these are the limits given by us, our environment and our system.

Here comes the question of looking inside us and seeking our power, potential and passion. Each one of us has a unique power, potential and passion. If you think you do not have as such, kindly reconsider your belief. If you think you have these kindly find, polish and follow you power, potential and passion.

Find, find and find your power, potential and passion. What is something that you are good at? It may be any odd thing like washing dishes, cleaning your room or talking, reading, writing, cooking, walking. Just go crazy and know what you are good at. In order to reach at that level where you can find your power, potential and passion you need to know what you are good at. Here are few tips to find what you are good at.

  1. Do not be in a Hurry: In finding what you are good at, don’t be in hurry. I do not see you finding it just now. It may take you hours, days or weeks. But focus on what you repeatedly do.
  2. Lose track of time: What is that something that you lose track of time while doing it. Meaning that you started doing something and when you looked at the watch next time three hours or so have passed. That might be something that you are good at.
  3. Your wake up and sleep time: that one thing should be such that keeps you out of bed till late night and gets you up again from the bed early morning.
  4. You are not required to be asked by anyone to do that: That something is such a work, hobby or interest that no one could come to you and ask you to do it. You do it yourself and take charge.
  5. You are Ready to sacrifice: That activity is such that you are ready to sacrifice any other interest, activity or call just to finish it.

If you are able to find that one thing through the above 5 tips you will be able to go near to knowing your power, potential and passion that Almighty Allah has bestowed on you as special feature, that no one else has in the world.


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