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take chargeCareer Development Advice – TAKE CHARGE

Our career development advice is based on our work and experience of over 15 years with corporate organizations, public sector organizations and development agencies in Pakistan. During all these years we have got exposure to learn, develop, communicate, help, observe, write, train and teach professionals of all segments i.e. start level professionals to directors and CEOs of the organizations. All these professionals have gained strength after seeking advice, attending our training programs and reading our material.

Based on the theme of identifying the personal potential, developing personal capacities and a belief in oneself this section of our blog will give you ideas, advice and courage to move ahead and take charge of your life. In this section we will advice all – those who are entering into the professional life, those who are already in professional life and those who are way ahead in professional life. Career Development Advice is an initiative that will help you Taking Charge of your career and life. The more you take charge of yourself the more you will have for yourself.

You can write to us and get the advice you want.

How to get advice

There are following means of getting the advice

1. Write to us in email your specific issue – When you write an email we will get back to you according to the sequence in which your email is received. We will appreciate that emails are detailed and provide as much information as is necessary for us to respond. However, written words sometimes do not convey the correct message hence we will limit the advice from email to a maximum of three emails. While responding to emails we may also refer you to articles and resource that may answer your query.

2. Skype discussion – The second route is a skype discussion. This process will also start from an email. You may send us an email to have time on a skype discussion. However, to reach at the skype discussion level we will require you to send your issue in email with details. If we consider it can be solved through email we will do so, however, if it is not we will enter into skype discussion mode. The skype discussion is time constrained and minimum time is half an hour and maximum is two hours.

3. Face to face time – In order that you require personal face to face time, kindly write to us in email and we will invite you for the time at an opportunity most suitable for both. The time for face to face meeting is a minimum of one hour and can go up to three hours.The face to face meeting can be held in Lahore only.


The following email is used for all types of correspondence Email:


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