The Life Transformations



By Umer Raza Bhutta

During the course of our lives we see a lot happening with us and around us. Things that sound and feel, be all of life at one stage becomes and sounds stupid after we move ahead in the ladder of life. That is not something special but this is how the life transforms itself. We may or may not need to make any special efforts for this but it happens with us. When we are at the mercy of our parents we have some different necessities and connections in life as when we ourselves become parents. However, whenever a new phase of life starts or the life transforms to the next stage the previous one seems very easy and a child’s play.

This is one of the greatest gifts of Allah to us. He gives us new ways of looking and perceiving the same things. I remember watching a very boring drama series on Pakistan Television about 20 years ago. The series was written by none other than the Mr. Ishfaq Ahmed. It was “Maan Challay Ka Soda”. It felt very boring at that time as I could neither find any meaning of what is happening nor could relate anything from the drama to my life. However, just few days ago I tuned to this drama incidentally on youtube (you can virtually find anything on youtube, simply a great transformation of internet). I started watching one of the dramas posted on youtube. I hooked on and then could not simply stop watching till the end. It gripped me, it gave me relief and it provided me satisfaction. After watching the drama I felt my body is very light, I felt happy. The people around me seemed to be great creations of Allah (although people actually are a master piece of Allah, but I felt that way for the first time in life). I felt the life has its brilliant meaning sparkling in front of me. This feeling is perhaps not with everyone, everyone’s life do transforms though, but not everyone could perhaps catch it.

I am not proposing that I am different, what I am saying that all of us do transform in our lives then we perceive and judge different meanings of same things at different stages of our lives. My daughter, is in grade four and when she reached in grade four she was once looking at her books of grade three and said to me “Baba, these grade three books are so simple and easy why I was worried and could not understand these when I was in grade 3”. She further told me and it was revealed to her that when she will be in grade 5 grade 4 will also feel simple and easy. I looked back at my life and thought that when I was working in one job things seemed to be very difficult to handle, but when I left that job and got another one, I found that if now I go back and do the same job in previous company it would be very easy and simple for me and I will do it differently and add move value. It further revealed to me that man is basically shortsighted. What is happening now seems slow and painful (especially when one does not like what is happening now). However, when we move on and truly Transform ourselves we feel the past was not so horrible.

This fact of the matter is not unique to me. This is with everyone of us. We all are tuned this way. The theorists and philosophers of past and of our times have given a lot of quotes to this effect and we can only appreciate those words of wisdom when we live through those, and I am afraid we cannot truly appreciate those if we do not experience those. All of us live through those words of wisdom. It is only few who actually reach to the depth of their meanings. The books are also such a material around us that tend to tease us at different stages of our transformation. We pick a book today because we like the subject of the book. We start reading the book and sometimes it so happens that the book deceives us and we stop reading. We find no meaning in the book. We place it back in the shelf and study something that we actually like. However, if we pick the same book after sometime (that sometime can be different for different people) we may find the true meaning of the book.

Our relations transform in the same way. For a kid his/her parents are the most beautiful and wise people. A kid is dependent on them for anything it does.  A time comes when the kid wants independence and tries to keep them away from anything it does. “I know what I am doing and you need not tell me what to do”. This is one of the typical teen aged sentence from a kid to it’s parents. However, later in life an interdependence starts to creep in and the kid (who is not a kid any more, at least not a kid as far as bodily structure is concerned) looks back and finds that it has to seek the advice of the parents or the elders around. These things are so typical and so general in nature that inevitably it happens to most of us. However, for anyone, if such thing does not happen the transformation stops. The life stops and the movement halts. And when the movement halts the result of that freeze in action makes a place called “chappar” (a still/dirty water). And you know it is very difficult to stand by such a place which has dirty water in it. People hate such a place, and move away from it. On the contrary a “Nadi” (a place of running water), has a Change in it all the time. It has a flow and it does not stand still at any place. It moves from place to place and sees new realities all the time. We, inevitably have to be like a Nadi and not like a chapper. If we allow ourselves to be transformed we can be a NADI, and you know Nadi is a place through which we can even clean ourselves for our daily prayers.

Experience the great transformations of life and do not let your experiences of life stop you from transforming to new avenues of life. You cannot hide from the fact that every new day of your life is bound to bring to you a new transformation of life. It just remains a matter of time only when you are awaken towards the best in life. However, when that time comes, is entirely your own responsibility?


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