Surprises And …………………the God Almighty

By Umer Raza Bhutta

The life is full of surprises and changes. Sometimes these are positive and on the other negative. Positives and negatives is a rather naïve expression in this context. However, how these surprises and changes are generated would be a rather interesting chore to adjudge. We wonder at times as to how these surprises and changes arise and how these happen.

My belief got stronger over the years while receiving these surprises and changes in my life, over the ONE who helps create these. Another surprise so far is that, most of these changes had been positive. Another defining characteristic of these surprises that is created by HIM is that they may not be positive at the first appearance. Let me share with you one such surprise that HE created for me recently. Though it is not positive at the first instance, yet I feel so relived at its apparent negativity that I know there might be a positive end to this. There is a saying by Hazrat Ali “main nay apnay iradoon kay totnay say Allah ko pehchana”. (I recognized God when my plans were shattered).

I was going to enter into a deal for quite some time. This was a deal to rent a bigger house for my family. It had been over two months that I was looking for such a house in Islamabad, but could not find any. Few days ago I ended up finding one, with all the necessary facilities that I wanted. Me and my wife actually made plans, to do such and such, in this house for the next many years. While these plans and dreams in mind I gave away some token money to seal the deal in my favor. One after the other events happened after words that actually tantamount to break the deal. I was surprised as to why these things are happening, but ended up thanking the God Almighty that I did not sign the deal and gave away any further money. I am still waiting for that token money to be returned as the purpose for which it was given never met, but I think once you give away money (specially) it is never returned. Anyhow I never forced the dealer to return the money and am just waiting for another surprise.

However, the bigger surprise is yet to come. I ended up having another deal few days later. And this was the most unexpected one as I offered the price which was much lower than the original ask of the owner. The dealer was after me to rethink and he gave me dozens of points and examples in favor of getting the house and not to look for any other as at the offered price this is the place to live. However, I asked him that if it is in my Qismat i will live here. I was not very sure about this but the agent later called that he has got the owner in your favor and he will meet you and let us decide. I was surprised that the owner agreed at a price that was little over than what I offered. Like a gentleman I agreed. The next day the conditions were finalized and everything was set to sign the final agreement. The agreement got signed and I even-handed over the payment check for the next four months to the owner and deal sealed. No looking back now, we are moving to the new house, a bigger house, new plans, new ideas, and new thoughts. My wife was excited on her own due and kids had to have their share of excitement. The next morning I went twice to the new house to supervise few of the cleaning and repair work. Everything moved fine without any further surprise as there shouldn’t be any, after all now the agreement is signed and the payment check is given to the owner.

I usually do not care much about the deep financial matters and trust most of the people. I gave them a cash check, with which he could draw money sooner as compared to any other longer process. Later that night was a beacon of some internal lights for me as I felt restless about the deal at night. I could not sleep well, and got up to say prayer at midnight. I thanked God who made me capable to enter into such a deal and also asked him to help me with the right decision.

The clock stuck 4 in the evening the next day and I received a call while in office. It was the owner of the house who said that he has some family issues and wanted to return me the check as for now he cannot move ahead with the deal. I WAS SURPRISED. A negative one at the first instance, but for a very short instance indeed. I said ok I will come after one hour to collect the check. I went to him after an hour and he narrated to me an excuse which I did not seem to be his own plot. The God almighty do surprise indeed. I collected the check with smiles and did never want to create a fuss of the situation as to why now and what happened and we have made the deal and now it cannot happen. It all happened and I came out of the situation contended and relaxed.

If while having such surprises, one is contended, relaxed, not cursing and If while going though these one has left God Almighty to make decisions for you, or to guide you make the right decisions, these surprises from God Almighty are indeed positive and provide you an opportunity to reflect.



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