Opportunity Lost

It was the most condemnable and most condemned attacked. I do not want to further condemn it and shame the word. Let us move ahead now and see what is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sri Lankans out of nowhere came to play here and they have shown great guts. Not only the team but the government of Sri Lanka had shown their sense of being alive and what it takes to market one’s nation. Let us not miss this opportunity. This is the time which we need to see as an opportunity. Although our innocent security people lost their lives but lying of the lives should not be wasted. Our strong media have shown the coverage to the world. Our strong media will help to cover this opportunity also. Where is the opportunity? While showing a sense of responsibility and collectiveness at this testing time, the opportunity lies in going OUT OF THE WAY to thank Sri Lankans. Remember they suffered because of us and both of us have became a victim. Now is the time to enhance this togetherness. I would suggest our cricket team going to Sri Lanka, ONLY to thank the Sri Lankan team. Just go there and thank them for their bravery, their courage and willingness to help and if they allow play a Friendly T20 match. Just to show the world that terrorists have not lessened our resolve. Just to let the world know that we are alive. Just to point out that we are down but not out and make a point that we are a victim and do not believe in the propaganda against us. We can talk a lot in the diplomatic circles (without any success though), but let us do some action now. Most of the time the actions speaks louder than the talks our diplomats do, and I believe this act will do the same.


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