The Brutality of Politics

By Umer Raza Bhutta

Reaches at the top of his bowling mark (and what a long mark that was), turns (and it was the most graceful turn of a bowler), starts to run (and what a rhythmic run it was), crosses the umpire and takes a leap (and never seen such a leap and landing of a fast bowler), delivers the bowl and its clean bold.

The decade of 80s and first 2 years of 90s were filled with such voices of Chisti Mujahid, Iftikhar Ahmed and Hassan Jalil (first two English and last one was the Urdu cricket commentator o Pakistan Television and Radio). They used to utter such masterpieces for the mighty Khan of that era i.e. Imran Khan. The generation that was growing during 80s and 90s kept alive and kicking to the tune Imran Khan’s rhythm.

Imran Khan had a charisma to allure every one and at the same time had the reputation of being arrogant, proud and self imposing. A friend narrated, who was an eyewitness, that West indies and Pakistan were playing a cricket match in Faisalabad Cricket Stadium and when the match ended Imran Khan walked past the crowed with security cover in a way that a Prince walks past his disciples. But during all that time and after words he remained the heart-throb of many (girls being in majority). Tony Cozier a cricket commentator once noted that he was travelling with Imran Khan in USA and a woman during the flight asked him “Is this Imran Khan”, he replied yes and was amazed that this woman who is an American and his country hardly knows any support near to the boring long five days of Cricket, yet she knows the name and curious to know more about him.

It was the mid 90s when the mighty khan decided to form a political party on a popular demand. He was clean and never tasted the dirt of politics. He remained out of all this for next sixteen years until the October 31st came and he Reached at the top of his bowling mark (and what a long mark that was –  many disagree), turns (and it was the most graceful turn of a bowler turned politician – many disagree), starts to run (and what a rhythmic run it was – many say it was a troubled one), crosses the umpire and takes a leap (and there wasn’t any umpire this time), delivers the bowl and its clean bold (it was his own voice this time and not of any commentator). The mighty khan roared in to politics, rather to the dirt of it. Then it was all over him i.e. the dirt.

It is said nothing succeeds like success and here was a live example of this success and succeeding like success. The politicians started to join him to GET BENEFITS from his success.  It was said that he is here for Change and to do everything to Change the status que, the corrupt system, the justice and in short everything. Many entered into his ranks who never could change anything, neither they could sound like changing anything. The only Change in them was the Change of their loyalties. The most recent such Change was inclusion of Shiekh Rashid of Rawalpindi. There were people of Imran Khan’s party who gave all types of arguments to support his inclusion (or his understanding with PTI). All type of lame arguments that is. But they must be aware of the fact that they can not remain clean now, they are in politics. Do they think that people will buy into their arguments of inclusion of old corrupt people in their party? They must not worry about this. They must understand that this is what the dirt of politics all about and this is the brutality of politics. It may keep an arrogant man still arrogant but it does not like a clean man, it does not care about any hero who was a heart-throb of millions, it has no shame when it makes a man perverse and so it did with the hero of 80s. This can be sparsely called brutal politics.


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