Bring Back the Family

Three ways to enhance office productivity

Through staff families

By Umer Raza

Organizations are trying different means for creating the organization a family organization. Organizations arrange Iftar parties, outdoor trips, dinners, sport galas and different programs. Some times annually (once a year) the real family of the staff is also invited to take part in the program. Thus making the organization a family organization.

In all these events throughout the year the organization tries to make the office colleagues as a family. By doing so the organization tries to build a team out of the colleagues so that they could know each other better and work for the company in a peaceful way and enhance the profitability of the company.

During this process it is unfortunately forgotten that the real family of the staff is at home waiting for him/her to be back. And that the family is not included and he or she is left to enjoy (these office events) without those with whom he/she might have enjoyed the most. We also try that after all these the staff should be the most satisfied employee.

Let us see what could be the ways to enhance the inclusion of the real family of the staff in the organization

Send Appreciation letter to the family: the most cost efficient way to enhance the family’s ownership in the organizational work is to appreciate the family through as simple as a letter.

We used this methodology with staff in three different organizations and got the same motivated, committed and responsible response.

Once we sent official letter to the wife of a staff who got promoted to the next grade. On another time we sent letter to the father of an employee who got employee of the month award from the organization and on another occasion we sent letter to the wife of a newly hired employee. Interestingly in all the instances we got the feedback through letters and even in one case the wife personally came to office with his husband to meet and thank office management and HR. She said that her husband was working for 25 years and this is the first time that I am also appreciated for his joining in an organization and that organization has realized my contribution in bringing him at this higher position.

All these employees not only continued to work for a longer period in the organization but also they told that there families now know that we are doing WORK in the office and they support us in our work and understand our issues if any at the office.

Call a Family day in office: This is another cost effective way to get the family engaged, motivated and committed to the work of their man or woman. Call a family day in the office. The family of each employee might be invited to visit the office with children during the office hours and a specially designed office tour need to be arranged. If the staff is large in number few families could be invited together for a visit and this practice could continue through out the year (one or twice in a month). The idea is to at least bring 3 to 4 families together so that families could also get to know each other in a different manner.

This tour can be well organized by HR ending with snacks or lunch for the family and families can also share their feedback about the office and its culture and working. This is important as families get to see the real life office during office hours and how their family man or woman is dealing with all the office stuff on a daily basis.

Training/Grooming sessions for the family: in busy work environment of today employees hardly get time to spend some educational, experiential or learning time with their family. The employees usually attend training programs in the office, attend meetings, visit different offices and talk to different kinds of people. Thus they become groomed, learned and polished in their respective traits. However, their wives do not get the chance to develop themselves.

The organizations that want to take a competitive edge need to focus on this aspect of staff family development initiatives. How about arranging a program of shot duration for wives of the employees about time management, communication skills, emotional intelligence, parenting (where both parents could attend), skills programs for wives (skills of baking, cooking, home management etc.).

Organizations can even ask any employee to either deliver these programs or ask his/her family member to do so or if not any outsider could be called to deliver the programs. These programs should be of short duration but must be carried out at a regular basis. These Programs will help create a family environment in the organization and families will feel themselves as part of the progress of the organizations.

By doing so we create energy within the families of the staff. By evening when the employee is at home, the family may ask for how the company did today in sales, production, management etc. Instead of hurling the difficulties faced at home, that could only go one to infuriate the already disturbed day in office.

Caution: All those who wish to try these initiatives at their office must take caution and first think through and customize these according to their organizational structure and culture and do it under supervision for the first time.



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