Jobless is not Workless


Three essential ways to get a JOB

By Umer Raza

How many times do we hear about joblessness. How many times do we feel the frustration of any one around us who is jobless. How many times do those who have reached at a position of authority listen to the calls of references from any one to hand a job to someone who is in need of a job for long. Words like “Please help him he is indeed of a job badly, he has no source of income at all……..”.

Yes it is indeed a difficult time for anyone who is jobless. I have experienced these times my self, not once but at least two times. However, I can only sympathise with people who try to reach at a job while standing on someone else’s shoulders.

There are many people who are jobless not only in Pakistan but around the world. There are many people who become frustrated and start losing hope. There are still many who do not lose hope but yet they also do not work and keep on waiting for a job to land at their doors.

To all those who are jobless this article brings a ray of hope. They must know that some one can deny them a JOB but no one can deny them the work that they can do.

All those who are jobless must not stop reading. As by the time they will be finished reading this they will not remain as such, but will walk away with lots of work in their hands.

Here are three ways in which you can change your status from being jobless but not being workless.

1- Keep the two W’s.

Yes keep the two W’s – Keep walking and keep working. It is easier said then done. Yet there is no other way out. You need to keep walking…… have to get up in the morning, get prepared and go out. Move out to find the work.

Mothers have a special role to play in it. If their son is jobless and it is difficult for him to get a job. Mothers must make her son move up and out in the morning. Wives can also do the same with their husbands (if husbands are out of jobs).

If you do not want to walk and search for the job, then start working right now, How?

Think of something that you know so far…….what you can do……can you teach, can you cook, can you sew, can you wash cars, can you do gardening, can you clean your house, can you plant trees, can you (if not any thing else) read books, can you watch GOOD movies (with some lesson in it). If you can do any of these things(or anything else), believe me you need not be worried. You have got the ball rolling now.

You just need to start doing any of these things and you will soon see your hands full of work.

However, please make sure that anything that you decide to start doing must be something that you LOVE doing. If initially you do not what you LOVE doing than keep exploring and soon you will find, what you LOVE most. But do not stop, and also do not get confused in passion. You must find your passion… doubt….but once you start doing work, once you stop and evaluate yourself and then start again and start enjoying the work you do, you will soon be finding your passion.

2- Do not waste time: The worst thing you can do when you are jobless and searching for a job is to waste time by doing these three things

  1. Watching TV.
  2. Hooking up to Facebook
  3. Using too much of your mobile

Stop doing all these things and you will immediately have an abundant time at your disposal. When you get all this extra time you will be able to do too much of the work that otherwise you are not able to do.

3- Keep enhancing your skills: During the time when you are jobless, by putting your hands in any thing and for that matter a lot of things you just go on to increase your skills.

I usually quote story of a friend in my programs, who was out of job for almost eight (8) months in 1997 in Lahore. But during these eight (8) months not a single day did he stop working.

During all this time he was daily giving his time to an organization free of any charge. He was in need of a job and no one was giving him any job, but he knew that no one could stop him from working, if he wishes to work for free. During this time in that organization he learned a lot in the organization including how work in the organization is done. The result of this “work-full” and “Jobless” eight (8) months, was that he got a job in the same organization because he knew the work of the organization as he kept on enhancing and polishing his skills.

Remember, getting a job is not difficult. It is only our personal choices that make us weary, sad and unproductive during a job search process. Being jobless is not bad or stigma, but being workless is of course humiliating.

When you are jobless, this can be the most productive, illuminating and revealing time for you. It can break new ground for you only if you keep doing the three above steps. Once you do that regularly remember job or jobs will come running towards you. You only need to show patience and consistency in not being workless during this time.


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