Data, Facts and life

By Umer Raza

There is a lot of data and facts in the world. There is a lot of life also to all these data and facts.

Since I started working practically for “Abundance”, I was confronted with a lot of well wishes and at the same time questions.

Once I shared my idea of Abundance with a friend. My idea was in the shape of a quote which said that there is a lot of Abundance……There is enough and too many for all to have.

My friend, who has always been honest to me and shared comments without any fear, said that “Enough” and “too many” need to be discussed and should be defined before moving ahead.

I was amused at my friend’s ever present interest of discussions, arguments and spending a lot of time in talking and less focus on actual work. I told my friend that I respect your ideas, thought process and definitions and do not want to challenge them. We may differ on these definitions, ideas and thought process. However, what we are similar at is the concept of Abundance…… isn’t it?.

We know that there is Abundance and there is a lot of it. To this my friend agreed and we saved a lot of time while respecting and honoring each other’s definitions and ideas and going on with what we had in common without any debate.

This is how we see the world. With lot of data and facts. All these data and facts are a product of our life choices, our environment and our backgrounds. We cannot be and must not be similar in these.

Only those people, who live together, work together, learn together and WANT to see things from ONE PERSON’s eyes together and only in some situations where these people being transformed together, can have similar data and facts.

It is however, perfectly fine to have different data and facts and life too.

We usually try to turn the other person to our point of view, without understanding that our point of view has also been a product of our special circumstances and life choices. Had the person was also given similar life choices and circumstances in life, he/she MIGHT also have thought the same thing.

Other day I was trying to get my car out of a busy parking lot in the most disorderly road in Lahore. The parking was made along side the main road, where it was an extreme rush hour. There were bikes and cars all over and I had a difficult time getting my car back on the main road.

I then used the old Lahori trick and slowly kept on creasing back on the main road. I had an old thought, if I keep waiting for someone to stop and give me way……I will keep waiting and wont be able to get out in hours.

When I started moving out I saw bike riders, instead of stopping and giving me way, made their way themselves and with a little tilt of their bikes went on. This process actually even squeezed the way for far right cars and bikes and they also had to just drive on, while finding whatever, shortest place they could find.

It was extreme hot day and time. Out side the car temperature was above 44 celsius, in side the car it was less than 20 (thanks to the car’s cooling system). I had a very good meeting also, my work was done well, I was not in a hurry and was not to report any one, I had all the time in the world to even stop and wait for all the cars to pass.

But a thought came to me that why cannot these people stop and wait and let me pass, why do they have to get the even shortest place available and then bring in danger their lives and the lives of people around them. Why cannot they show patience, not body taught them to behave. I also thought that this is why our nation is today, what they are today.

I was also thinking that how our nation will understand patience. How and when we will understand that we need to give way to others, we must stop our bikes and cars and should give way to others.

At the same time, my hand moved towards the AC switch and I even increased the fan air pressure. I thought, had I been also in that scorching heat, on a bike, with no light in the house, after getting a verbal assault from my boss, spouse, father, mother or big brother, I would also be doing the same thing.

My data and fact of life says that it is a very beautiful world, weather is fine, people are respecting me and there are no troubles in life……as such. The one out, is on a bike, has little respite from the sun that is blazing at him, has a cruel shop owner, who may kick him out if he reaches late, did not have a good night sleep because of load shedding all night, could not even take his breakfast properly and what not……

Both he and I are true in our own realities. I am calm, collected and have a smiling face because of my facts and data of life. The other person is impatient, shouting, angry and willing to destroy any thing coming his way, because that is his facts and data of life.

In our blinded quest to bring every one at the same thought process and to press them that they are wrong and we are right. We forget that we our self might be doing the same thing had we been exposed to the same circumstances that an other person is being exposed to.

We all have data and facts that might be true or false, yet that data and fact is a true representation of our good self. We can have our own data and fact and when we nullify, reject and humiliate other’s facts and data it only aggravates our inner hatred for the person and serve no value to our own well-being.

The only thing at which data and facts of life can be similar can be found on two areas. One is Quran and other is the life events and facts of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

May we respect other’s circumstances and toil to change only our own life and let other people get inspired by us.





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