Extraordinary Personal Growth

Three suggestions for an

Extraordinary Personal Growth

By Umer Raza

Personal growth is an area that unfortunately goes unnoticed by a large number of people. Although I have seen people who are desirous for personal growth and development yet they do not find any way out to this end.

In this article I will share three suggestions for having extraordinary personal growth. These suggestions and ideas will also help in the professional growth, however since professional growth is very closely aligned with the personal growth, hence if you focus on your personal growth, professional growth will result inadvertently.

Self Discipline

This is the most essential ingredient for success in personal growth. Without Discipline nothing works. All the growth initiatives and ideas for having success are achieved through personal discipline. With discipline the universe works and without it there will chaos. In offices and in any way of life the discipline brings not only an ease of carrying through the work but also an internal satisfaction. It reduces stress and one, who keeps discipline in life experiences elation in self-esteem and breezes through life.

The top most requirement in self-discipline is better and maximum utilization of the time. If one is not using time effectively one may not have any idea as to how and when the self-discipline falls apart and life becomes chaotic. There are many theories in time management and hundreds of books and training programs organized over the subject. Here, however, let us see this element of time management in a different way.

Imagine your life a wheel that is rolling. It has a center and that is you. Now divide your wheel in four equal parts. Now there are four parts of the wheel and each part has to have equal distribution in order to run the wheel smoothly. These four parts define the four very important elements of your being. One being Body, Two is heart, Three is Mind and four is Soul.

Now out of the available 24 hours in a day how much time do you spend on each of these areas of your being. For body you eat, drink, sleep, exercise, bath, dress up etc. All such activities that keep you fit and available for people and be ready for the day are part of the time spent for body. For Heart, you meet people, do socializing, build relationships, you talk and listen; you have family, friends, colleagues etc. All such areas or activities that build up your emotional relations and/or create emotions make up the Heart part. For mind, you read, get information, get knowledge watch new things, you wonder around, you analyze, you think etc. All such activities that help you keep your mind sharpen; build up resources for your mind. For SOUL, you meditate, you pray, you read Quran, you help others, you volunteer, you understand your self and do service. All such activities that are done for your inner self and to satisfy the basic needs, that is to understanding yourself, form the part of spending time for your soul.

Now it is you, who has to think as to what amount of time do you spend on a daily basis over all these four elements. Is it equal, is it skewed towards one area, is it balanced or not. The more balanced it is the more you have the luxury of spending a quality time and life and becoming a more self disciplined individual.

Courage to Raise Hand:

This is a very tricky quality. It goes beyond the limits (sometimes). The quality actually says that you must be willing to volunteer yourself for work that no body else is doing. OR you must be willing to volunteer before anyone else does. Richard Branson (of Virgin) says that a top quality of high achievers is that when a work is put forward they are the one’s who raise their hands to do it, regardless if they know how to do it or not. They later find out the way to do it though.

This raising of hands not only requires courage, but also willingness to get your hands dirty. People want to get successful in life, yet they want to do it their way. It is, but very strange and irrational that one wants success, yet one wants to keep his/her hands tied to self and not willing to open up and take up tasks that he/she has not done before.

I have seen people who are jobless and after many attempts could not find any job. They know many things and it is not possible that they could not DO any work, It is though very much possible that they do not GET any work. But here I am not talking about GETTING, I am talking about DOING. Getting is not in their domain, but DOING is of course possible. I spoke to such a young boy few weeks ago, who was job less for more than 6 months. He asked me to do something for him, and I asked him to do something for himself. You like teaching and want to do it, go out and teach people. No one will stop you. Give free lectures, find academies and tuition centers and DO your best When you will DO your best you will GET what is best for you.

Remain Connected

The third and most important one is to Remain Connected. In today’s world of fast paced communication and internet one does want to remain connected. There is a joke these days that two more items are added to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and that are even before the first need. These two are Battery and WIFI. Yes, of course, one does look for a battery charging and a Wi-Fi connection wherever one goes. This is, that one wants to remain connected.

For a successful person, one must remain connected with one’s professional field, with one’s network of people and with such professional resources that may take him/her further in one’s career. All professions and fields have professional bodies, professional forums and certifications to horn one’s skills and network. Successful people are those who remain connected with all the possible such areas and networks.

However, there is still one more connection that one must not forget and be always willing to remain connected with. This one connection is of ALLAH. All successful people have in one way or the other a connection with ALLAH. Those who remain connected with HIM remain connect with the breeze of life. There are many ways to establish and maintain this connection. One of this is the compulsory five times attendance in front of him. This is one very simple yet essential means of connection and any one who wishes to establish his connection this can be a very illuminating starting point.


2 thoughts on “Extraordinary Personal Growth

  1. Excellent sir Umer Raza..
    انسانی فکر اسے محدود دائرہ ءحیات کا حصہ بنا دیتی ہے وہ صرف ایسا سوچنا ہے یا سوچنا چاہتا ہے جس میں کہیں نہ کہیں سہولت کا
    عنصرہوسہولتازخود ایک کمزور راہ_نجات ہے سلامت رہیں


  2. Dear Ammad. JazakAllah. Your comments are apt and reflect a deep thought process. If i could, i would translate it as a comfort zone in which most of us are deeply wet. May Allah help all those who wish to stay in the comfort zone and those too who dare to stay out of the comfort zone.


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