Resume Writing Tips


By Umer Raza


All those gearing towards entering in the market to find a job may need to build a resume. Resume is a professional word used to describe yourself and it will help you to market you. While making your resume consider the following first.


  1. Your resume is your marketing weapon. It is your packaging.
  2. Just imagine going to a super store and look at the shelves where hundreds of products are lying. All the products are nicely packed and you will pick only the one that is looking good.
  3. Now go to a bakery shelf and see the cakes and sweets in the glass cage. You will lay your finger on the one that is looking the best, with nice dressing and great visual impact.
  4. Your resume is your first contact and first visual impact to the recruiter. Just like a nicely dressed cake in a bakery or a nicely packed item in a store the buyer can be attracted to your resume by a nice first impression. Remember the key word “buyer” and you are the “seller”.
  5. Any recruiter will open a resume that looks good and professional. So you need to have a nice, decent but professional dressing of your resume.


Now lets see what kind of resumes can look good in the visual impact.

  1. Your name should be at the top but it should not be big enough to take all the space. A font size of 14 to 16 can be enough. After name mention your phone and email with 10 or 11 size font.
  2. Use a footer, mentioning the page number and your name with your phone. So that if you have more than one page and recruiter takes the print, he might know which pages belong to your resume.
  3. Your all text must be of the font size 10 or 11. All headings must be 14 to 16 Bold highlighted. Give a margin on left and right equal to 1”.
  4. Use only black colour font. Any other design or colour can only be acceptable if you are applying for any advertising agency or to any media company. In choice of colour also take care as to use only decent corporate colours or the colour of the company you are applying to.
  5. Font style must be easily readable. Time New Roman, Arial, Tahoma and Calibri are usual for documents.
  6. Start from a brief about yourself, but it should not be more than 2 to three lines if you are just starting your career. It should highlight what is your area of interest and your profession. Such as if your education is in Accounts, your brief should highlight it and must present yourself as an accounting professional. You should also bold highlight the key words that represent you as an Accountant and recruiter will focus those words.
  7. Start from your education. Latest education should be at the top.
  8. Use bullets to mention your key experiences, trainings and projects during your studies.
  9. Use your profession specific and industry specific jargons and bold highlight them.
  10. Also mention any thing that is related to your volunteer work.
  11. If you are using a photo never place a selfie on your resume. Also remain sure that it should be professional as well as must give a positive and pleasing impression. Also note that most of the time resumes are printed at the recruiter’s printer and later photocopied for distribution to panel, so your picture may lose charm by the time it is photocopied.
  12. If you have any references mention it in resume, or do not mention “References on Demand”. Good references with phone numbers already added, gives a confident impression.
  13. At the end always send a PDF copy as it gives a mature and professional look and your header and footer remain part of the main document. Though, if the requirement is to send a word format do comply with the requirement.


Remember this is your packaging, proofread your resume and give a final look at the PDF copy and ask yourself “Will i buy this product”.


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