Loss of Human Connection

Loss of Human Connection


By Umer Raza

This picture was taken few days ago in an office, where i was sitting and waiting. All these people are also waiting. I have covered their faces to conceal their identity. I do not know them and they do not know me……….this is what the loss of Human Connection is all about.

How many times have we come across such a scene as shown in the picture above. At family gatherings, at any functions, at any waiting areas or any other place. People reach somewhere, share greetings and then quickly turn towards their mobile and become curious to know what they are missing elsewhere. They usually turn a blind eye to something that they have, but remain concerned as to what others are doing anywhere else and how we can share our status and let them know about us. During the process they usually forget that the one sitting just next to them can also be worthy of sharing their thoughts and be worthy of their respect. Neighbours have rights too…..right. But neighbours are the one’s living next to our house…..yes it is true, but i have just expanded the definition of neighbours and included those sitting just next to us for a while though.

When i took the above picture, i wondered what would have been the scene, had any of us not holding these mobiles. 1) these people might at least know each other names 2) these people might find a common concern and be able to help each other or support each other if they wished to. At least they might have explored an opportunity. 3) Or least to say i would not have been writing this article.

When i see such scenes these days, i wonder there is an opportunity here. In future, there will be one profession that can be much in demand i.e. Speech therapy………..People prefer to send a text then to speak a word. Our next generation might have a greater speed of typing, but they might have slower speed of uttering words. This might have been a good development as well, as there will be more silence around. This loss of speech problem can be attached to the same problem that we have these days i.e. our hand writing has gone from bad to worse. This is a known phenomenon as most of us type on key boards and do not use pen very often to write. So same problem might appear in speech after some time.

However, since the onslaught of these gadgets at our finger tips, where we got connected to far off people, we got separated from the one, very near to us. This is the loss of Human Connection. Where we think that we are connected with the world and with thousands of friends, we forget that we just got disconnected with respect, morality, smiles and togetherness under one roof. This is the loss of Human Connection and when we loss connection with our neighbour, we lose our basics of being human too. Dangerous idea but this is what is happening around us.

















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