Change Demands Sacrifice


By Umer Raza

What are you willing to give away for change?. Or is it that you do not want to change. The question about want to change or not want to change seems settled as change is inevitable. If you do not change you will be forced to……as this is the way of life. Change does happen over the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds…… it is your choice if you want to make it a CHOICE or keep it on CHANCE……….. so what are you will to sacrifice for change.


If you are not willing to leave anything you currently hold you may not be willing to move forward. This is what moving forward demands………leave something, part ways with something. If you need to study more you will have to leave sleep…….If you need to go to office you will have to leave comfort of home………….If you need better health you will need to leave many tasty foods……..If you need more success in life you will have to leave many comforts in life………..If you want to get closer to Allah you will have to leave closeness to many other material and human objects…………….do you remember the famous saying ….. “Without leaving the sight to the shore you cannot cross the ocean”….so leave the sight of the shore. Leaving something means Sacrifice………are you willing to………….sacrifice?


Just take the case of the normal physical change that happen to us over time. A natural growth that occurs to us which somehow is inevitable. We grow in age and size and then start shrinking in size when we grow old. All these changes are not free. They demand sacrifice. When we grow in size and age we have to leave certain habits that we were doing earlier. These habits might relate to our eating, sleeping, working, talking etc. Things do not remain the same over time. If any one of us wants to keep the things similar over time and does not want to give way to certain habits, things and ways of doing stuff because of changes happening around him/her, he/she might not be living according to the demand of time or according to the demands of the modern times.


Change does demand sacrifice – If you want to change any habit, practice or personal way of life. It is not that you could be able to do it without giving away anything in return. You cannot just plan to wake up early in the morning, without sacrificing your sleep. You cannot just get higher ranks in office or workplace, without sacrificing your comforts and not exerting more than other do.


We can only wish for things to come our way without us doing anything in return. If we want things to come our way we need to change our attitudes. With the same energy level we will pull the same kind of things that were coming to us earlier. The energies within us determine the level of things we are going to attract to us. If we have a positive energy within us, we shall attract positive things to us, if we speak well, dress well and maintain a happy and cheerful disposition we shall resonate energy and shall attract the best of things to us. With the same old attitude, meeting the same kind of people and having the same kind of friends will keep us at the same kind of place where we were.


To move forward and to welcome the new day say good bye to the previous day……….to welcome the new year say good bye to the previous year……… welcome the new YOU say good bye to the previous YOU. These are all sacrifices that one has to make if one wants to change by choice or else change will happen anyway. Make it a happy experience by choice and not a painful one by chance.


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