Challenge “of and from” Change



Change is an inevitable force. If you do not change, you will be forced to change. The former is easy and creates an autonomy, the later is difficult and uncomfortable. People insist that they change, yes they change physically, but do they change emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well.


It is difficult to digest that most of us actually only change physically. We grow, we gain weight, we gain height, we get married, we raise kids, we get work, we change jobs and work, we change our likes and dislikes with age, we become ill and healthy, we meet new people, we start forgetting things, we do host of other things that just go on to prove that these are just physical changes. Physical changes are a demand of time and age. These are changes that are not bound by our choices but Bound to be just there to happen.


But the real challenge of change is to experience change in our emotions, mental state and spirituality. As there are times, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in one’s life when we need physical growth, security and esteem through life, there is a final stage also which is called self actualization. This final stage is most apt when we grow spiritually. At this last stage, we see within and try to see the real purpose of life. The earlier stages are not based on choice, they have to happen. However, interestingly the last stage is just a choice based stage. Not all can and will see it, though all will have the opportunity to go around it. Few of us do not even bother to look at the calling and just pass it over, few others see it coming and tend to shrug it down, few others see and feel it yet tend not to be bothered from it. However, there are very few who actually have a go at it and grab it by horns. Those who do it by choice, actually start enjoying it after a brief stint of discomfort. Only few are able to survive it through as there are still many for whom the discomfort of this spirituality is too much to hold on to. It is difficult to hold on to as there are too many distractions around them, too many opposite forces that try to pull them back, too many messages from the (so called) loved one’s who ask them to pull back. This stage is survived by only those who disassociate themselves from the distractions around them and build a life of their own.


This is what is called a real challenge of change. What good a change be if it is not sustained. Have you ever gone back on your age, have you ever turned the time back words (other than in the fascinated world of movies), you only move forward in time and get closer to your ultimate destination. If this is true, that you only move forward in time and the change occurring in your physical growth is to be sustained – never to be turned back, then it is true as well that you will experience an inner calling called a spiritual calling. Bashing that calling aside will not do any good to you, only a submission to that calling can survive you and take you through “from” the challenge “of” change.


Look for that calling inside you as it can happen anytime, anywhere with anyone. No one can take you to or through it, it is only that someone or anyone can help you gain a consciousness about that change and help you gather some tools to face that change.


Wish you a happy challenge from change in the new year……………


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