By Umer Raza

It is they, they who are truly believers! Theirs shall be great dignity in their Sustainer’s sight, and forgiveness of sins, and a most excellent sustenance.

(Quran – 8:4)


The two words though are from different languages, yet they are so closely related. Risk and Rizk. In English language the alphabets “s” and “z” are sometimes used interchangeably. For example “organization” or “organisation” the first with “z” is referred to as an association, group, company, orderliness and the second with “s” is referred to as an establishment, administration, government according to the dictionary. Similar meaning different alphabet. Similarly, “realization” or “realisation” both have similar meaning i.e. understanding, awareness, recognition, comprehension etc. Both “s” and “z” are closely linked and seem intimately related. It is strange that how we could separate “Rizk” from “Risk”.


This is an uncertain world. Do we have any certainty that we will be getting our next meal that we prepared for us, is there any certainty that we will be able to reach the office in time, is there any certainty that we will be able to reach back home, is there any certainty that we will be getting our pay check at the end of the month. Just close your eyes for a moment and reflect, is it so certain. Some answers may pop up to our mind that YES it is certain, my employer has promised me to pay me at the end of the month, i have an appointment letter that says that i will be paid at the end of the month. It takes me 30 minutes to reach office and will reach there in 30 minutes. I have bought the meal and i will eat it. Yes it sounds that simple. But think it this way…………….did all the eateries who were closed by the Food authorities in Lahore few months ago because of bad hygiene knew that this is coming, they were happily placed to get the food prepared and get their revenues, did all the owners of the building that fell in earthquake knew that there will be an earthquake and their building and offices will fall down and they will have nowhere to sit and do the business from, did the factory workers who buried under the rabble in Sundar state in Lahore knew that it will fall one day because of bad construction and their factory will be shut, did anyone knew that there will be a bomb blast in Marriott hotel in 2008 and the hotel will be closed for months (many remained employed yet many not only did lose work, but worse lost their lives). These are all the “risks” associated with the big thing called “LIFE”. The risks are everywhere and part of the greater scheme.


The RIZK similarly is a associated with the LIFE choices, it is also associated with the big thing called “LIFE”. Both RIZK and RISK are inseparable. When we try to separate them and attempt to make things certain in life, which obviously are not certain, we even “risk” this basic foundation of “life” and the “way of life”.


We have heard, higher the RISK , higher the gain i.e. RIZK. If there is no risk there is no rizk. A simple, usual and routine rizk is available to all, that is given in the shape of salary/wage at the end of the month or day to all who work. But for those who strive for abundance they need to take RISKS to get higher RIZK.


Just look around you and you will find hundreds of such examples of RISK takers. All the risk takers have a higher, profitable, abundant and satisfactory RIZK. Do not go far……just search for the owner or founder or CEO of the company/organization you are working for. That person has bigger salary, bigger car, bigger pay package, bigger health, bigger self esteem, bigger vision. This is the brighter side……now go in history of that person……that person had bigger risks, bigger things at stake and had bigger sacrifices in life. Our trouble is that we see that person as of today…..when he has reached at certain glory and apparently enjoying all the good things in life………..what we forget is to look in the background and see the hardships, troubles, risks and efforts of the person in the past.


When we look we will find that there will be very little difference between the alphabet “s” and “z” and both sound very similar to him in the shape of “RISK” and “RIZK”. This is indeed the promise of Allah that he provides a graceful “RIZK” and he creates “abundance”. However, His promise of “RIZK” and “abundance” is closely tied with the amount of “RISK” we take.


Happy RISKING and prayers of Abundant RIZK for all


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