The Compatibility of Human Growth with its Action



To some life is a sequential event – You born, you grow, you get into life, you get your share of hardships, you have fun, you grow further, you have more fun, you have more hardships, you settle, you drop down, You have disappointment, you grow again, you have more fun, you settle and you die. A sequential way of leading a life.


For others life is complex, you born, you grow and learn, you change, you get into practical life, you change, you seek for hardships and have patience, you work, You change, you grow again but now mentally and spiritually, You learn, you change again, you return/seek the basics  and you die. In both cases the most common part is growth. You cannot but grow. Physically for all, mentally in many cases, but spiritually in very few cases.


It is a normal phenomenon for life that body does not respond in the same way in different stages/ages of life. Body is a strange machine, that remains week in the beginning of life, as you grow it gains strength and goes at its prime of strength at one stage of life and then it starts losing its strength and becomes weak again. Same kind of food that you could eat freely when you were in your teens or in twenties, cannot be taken as freely when you are in your forties. Same kind of sleep pattern cannot be maintained throughout the life. Same strength of teeth cannot be maintained though out the life span. Same type of hair cannot be maintained and similarly same kind of facial structure cannot be maintained throughout the life. All these are the changes in the physical structure of human being. These are just the demand of being a human being. For example if a person who can eat a certain type of food when he/she is in prime of youth (for example Halwa pori – an oil rich heavy bread type product), the same food is difficult to eat when one is in mid forties, and almost impossible for many after sixty years. Now this is a physical growth (or decay) of the body that has taken place over the years with a consistent use of the product (the body).


If all these changes are occurring in the physical structure of the human being. How is it possible that the mental and spiritual health can remain the same. Mental and spiritual structure also changes as we grow. For those, whose mental and physical structure does not change with the change in the physical form, their growth remains incompatible with actions.


Mental and spiritual states are bound to change, evolve, develop and grow. For most of us who want to remain young, or be perceived as youthful, doing things that they used to do when young are a symbol of pride and youthfulness. Whereas these might be a sign of incompatibility between the realm of growth of physical form and growth of mental form. One’s actions may not remain the same over the years, one’s response to the same kind of thing may not remain the same over the year. It should rather not remain the same over the years. I know dozens of such people who despite being people of mature and good age still continue to like and wear same kind of dress which was good for them when they were young, continue to like the same kind of shows and company that they liked when young.


If a person used to wear bright colors , dance at a function, talk to many strangers specially girls, listen to loud music, talk aimlessly with friends and just do any stupid act while being in youth. If the same person continue doing the same thing when he/she is mature and old enough to be able to be looked upon by others, he/she might certainly have an incompatibility with it’s life and actions.


The troubles in our life and the issues that we face in our lives, the pseudo happiness standards that we have created in our lives are all result of this unfortunate lack of knowledge about our compatibility.


It is important for us to know in life, as to what we are and what are our limitations. We need to understand that after a certain age our mental growth has to reflect not by our just being old, but because of our actions that are compatible to that age. Hence to remain compatible with your physical and mental development your actions should be in sync with your mental and spiritual growth.




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