Success is perhaps one of the most abused terms in the human history. Most want it, Most talk about it, Most share their feelings about it, most think that they are trying hard for it and most think that other is more successful than them. (i am being conservative by saying most). The literature on success is limitless, in its true spirit (by the way) the success is also limitless. Ways and means of getting success are still pouring in and every now and then new techniques are brought forward to make us successful. Types of success are also been pounded upon. Long term, short term, professional, personal, family, relationship, academic and behavioural success……there are all types of successes. Let us look through this article what is common in all these types of successes. There are seven rules given below, which are not only for success, but these are for a “peaceful” success.

What is Peaceful Success:  it is success which is not concerned with the money, fame, love of every one and followership of each around you. It is success which is concerned with yourself only and a means of your own satisfaction and growth. Sounds selfish at the outset, however, if one is not satisfied with oneself and successful over one’s own self,  one cannot create a ripple effect.


  1. Winning VS Effort: First rule is to put your effort. Effort does not always equate winning. It is not always important that you win each time you try but trying each time is important. Success does not always equals winning – but a hearty effort always equals success. Both these words “Winning” and “Effort” have a contextual paradigm. Winning is not in our control, but effort is well within our control. We cannot be certain that we will win the match, but we can be certain that we will make the effort. We are not certain that we will get the job we have applied for, but we can be certain that we can apply and present our best credential. We are not certain that we will get the best rating in the appraisal, but we can be certain that we can put our best effort to do our job well. We are not certain that we will be paid the salary we wanted but we are certain that we will be paid if we work. If we equate “only winning” with success, we may not always be successful as winning is not entirely in our control…………but if we equate “effort” with success we can always be successful……rather peacefully successful as effort is in our control and we can stretch and contract ourselves for effort. Once we put our effort the rest has to be left to Allah as HE says in Quran (3:159) …….. Verily Allah loves those who put their trust (in Him).
  1. Do it for yourself: Occasionally we see people doing a degree or diploma or attend a training program because as a result of this program or attaining the degree they will get the promotion, they will get the raise in salary or be offered a job. We have, in fact, outsourced our learning to our company or organization or department. If company wants to get work from us, it must train us or else we will just do what we are asked to do. While working in a company unless we are sent to a training program, we hardly attend any program that is because we do not understand learning as our own responsibility.


If as a result of attending a program, getting a degree or taking a test there is no promotion, no job and no salary raise would you still do it. The peaceful success comes when we enhance our knowledge and skills just for our own self, just because this is the way Allah (SWT) and his messenger Holy Prophet (PBUH) have commanded us. There is no future without learning and growth. If you fail to learn you fail to grow. But if you are equating your learning and growth with any immediate gain, your learning and growth may give you a limited amount of success, but for a peaceful success you need to take charge of yourself.   Brain is a cell that requires fuel, just as your body requires food. And your brain’s fuel is learning and knowledge and filling it up is your own responsibility. This responsibility is as inscribed in Quran (39:9) ………Are those who know and those who do not know alike? Only the men of understanding are mindful.



  1. Want and Action: Success is what we “want” and get it…………peaceful success is what we “earn” through our “action”. Peaceful success is what through our action others also start doing and we need not tell them to follow us. Wants sometimes become so powerful that they overtake our ability to act. We want something we never had, but we are not ready to act upon something we have never acted upon. We want to get higher pay, bigger business, more resources, more respect, more property, more power……..but we are not willing to put more action to work harder. Those who are peacefully successful in the history of mankind and being still remembered and revered, are those who have sacrificed their own comforts to act and realize their wants. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Knowledge from which no benefit is derived is like a treasure out of which nothing is spent in the cause of God.” – (Tirmidhi, Hadith 108)
  1. Personal Worth: Your personal worth is what you are regardless of your title. You are a CEO, a Director, a General Manager or a Manager in any company……that is your success……however, if today these titles are taken off from you would you be respected and regarded the same as before. If your answer is yes……this is your peaceful success and if your answer is no……you need to look back as to what value you are adding in the lives of the people and how others are getting better by you being YOU and not you being a Director. Your personal worth pushes people not to ignore you and to call you any time they need you and consider you as their mentor and guider. Can you create a personal worth to the level that what Hazart Ali R.A. said “One who taught me a single word, made me his slave”
  1. Give and Get: You need something for yourself, you need to give it to others. You need peace for yourself you need to give peace to others. There is no short formula for a peaceful success unless you learn to give away what you have. If you have got knowledge, you need to share it with others. If you have money, you need to share it with others, if you have love you need to share it with others, if you have smiles you need to share it with others. This is a simple law of give and take. You say salam (peace) you get salam (peace), you abuse you get abused. There is a famous saying “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give”. Quran states the similar formula in very simple terms.  So he who gives (in charity) and fears (Allah), And (in all sincerity) testifies to the best, We will indeed make smooth for him the path to Bliss. (92:5-7)
  1. Learning Methodology: For success it is important that you keep on learning and for a peaceful success you need to create a habit of being flexible in your learning methodology. Learning is not only limited to schools, colleges, universities, training programs and books. Learning can be different and be achieved through a variety of ways and means. When you are not flexible in the learning methodology, you may have a tendency to wait for the new session of the classes to start, you may have to look for a training program or a learned person to teach you…….all these may cost and not available readily. A flexible learning methodology equips you with taking opportunities of learning anytime, anywhere, from anyone. Quranic study reveals four sources of human knowledge through which eternal truth can be derived i.e. 1) Reason and Logic, 2) Experience, 3) Study of Nature 4) History. All these four areas of acquiring knowledge are independent of any limitations.


  1. Force of Community: By community we mean a group of people who have a common mission and goal and who are willing to help any person achieve success. A community provides necessary emotional, physical, mental and spiritual support to the individuals as well as to a group to achieve the desirable peaceful success. Force of community also helps one to sustain the success, one can be immensely successful as an individual, but in a community if one is a lone winner and around you there are all failures…….soon you may also be dragged with them. Either you bring them to your level and become their growth partner and leader in success, or they take you to their level. In community you become a collective success and attract greater rewards. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “The believers are like a single man’ if his eye is affected, he is affected; and if his head is affected, he is all affected.” When such is the collectiveness of the community and you are part of that community, imagine the positive energy spilling your way to make you successful.




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