The Four Step Process Of Success – JUMP



 We get opportunities every moment of our lives. In a day there are 86400 opportunities in the shape of seconds. These opportunities sometimes disguise themselves in the form of difficulties, challenges, moments of sadness and joy. Here is a four step process for success and becoming what you want to become. This four step process is a called JUMP and once achieved in totality it can create a sustainable success.

A caution before your read. There is no short cut for the process, the process can only be completed once all the four stages are acted upon and that too simultaneously.

J – Jaguar: Most of us have known Jaguar as one of the most expensive cars having the jet engine, which is manufactured for royalty and driven by them. It is named after Jaguar, that is one the most fearless and athletic of animals. It is known to be a swimmer and strong climber. Do you have that kind of qualities in you. Regardless of your personality, your profession and your habits, you need to behave like a Jaguar of your field. The energy in you resonates. If this is an energy of a Jaguar, it will be seen and inspire others, if it is that of a snail it will be seen but overlooked.

U- Unknown: We tread on the unknown. The moments that are approaching us are a realm of the unknown. There are many opportunities that may come our way, but because of the fear of the unknown we hesitate to raise our hand at the time when it was needed. We waste that crucial moment, when we could have raise the hand in a meeting and get the opportunity. But since we did not know what that opportunity entailed we got frightened and hesitated to raise our hand. Raising a hand is used metaphorically, and may also mean that you step in, volunteer yourself and take the risk without knowing what would be the end result of your effort. Those who are married can argue to take a calculated risk instead of just a risk.

M- Maintain:  the sustainability and consistency of an effort determines our credibility. If we are unable to maintain the momentum of an effort it is not only that, effort losses its force, our credibility also suffers. If we are able to maintain the same level of effort, energy, force and commitment for years on, it does not only helps in bringing success, it also proves the strength of character. We all know and read about many success stories, all these success stories have had years of struggle in which they maintained their missionary zeal and stood firm to their commitment. Be it political leader, a social worker, a business man, a sports man or an ideological person. All success comes through a consistence maintenance of one’s vision and mission. The best example of such consistency is that of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions, who gave us a modal of consistent struggle for a single cause.

P- Perform: The last part of JUMP is performance. If you act like a Jaguar – Run fearlessly and fast, just jump in to the UNKNOWN believing on the uncertainty – and MAINTAIN yourself to do what you do – but do not PERFORM, rest assure you may not reach anywhere. The performance means your consistent action to do well, to change yourself and to enhance your capacity according to the changing circumstances and demands of the time. There are many people who do everything with high energy (Jaguar), they do it without a reward in sight (Unknown) and they continue doing it for years on (Maintain) yet they do not change, learn and enhance their capacities (no Performance). Result – they have few months or years of success and then get wiped out. To have a sustainable growth one need to have a sustainable performance every time all the time.


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