Three stages for career – Three stages for Effective Resume


There can be three stages in your career when you need to have an effective personal profile/resume. For some such stages may be more and for others less, however, here let me give you brief tips of writing resume for three stages of your career.

Stage One: Just out of the college

When at the start of your career, you must always be sure that your educational degree is at the top of the resume i.e. after your name, address and personal mission statement. If you do not have a degree, or do not want to present it as such, you must write what is your key knowledge area such as Finance, HR, Marketing, Engineering, Accounting etc. After this you may write any projects you might have done and so on. At this stage try to keep the resume within one page.

Stage two:  5 to 7 years down the career

This is somewhere when you have one or two good job exposures, or you have around 5 to 7 years of career exposure. Now your education must go at the back. You are no longer judged by the quality of your education alone. You will be judged by the quality of your work exposure in different jobs. So bring at the top your job experience, company name where you have worked and also the achievements you have while working in different positions. At this stage your resume can be of 2 pages. But these must be filled with achievements and not with job responsibilities.

Stage three: 15-20 years down the career

At this stage – you must not have a need to prepare your resume or send it to market. You must have a strong network, a vibrant career and you must be available within your respective market to show case your achievement so that you may be picked. This can be possible if during the last two stages you have achievements and results that are visible. At stage three of career you must have a resume ready with not less than three pages. The three pages must be covered by your achievements and results. The results and your gradual progression in the career, matters. At this stage number of organizations you have worked for must not be as much as the years of your experience. 15-20 years of experience and 3 to 4 organizations is a pretty decent track record.


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