No Summer Holiday Homework



Why we don’t do our Summer Holiday Homework

Suggestions and Ideas

By Haider Raza Bhutta

Every year after being given their results the schools give the children summer holiday homework. What is this homework and why do they give it exactly? Well the answer is simple. First of all, the meaning of home work is very simple (You can guess by looking at the word) work you get to do at home. The schools give this home work so the children can stay busy during the holidays.

This homework may be seen as both pleasure and as a stress. Pleasure as it may keep you away from boredom and stress as you may not enjoy it and see boredom in the homework in itself. Now what is the reason? Well it varies in different minds of different kids. Some may say that they won’t get time to enjoy all the other things that the summer holidays throw at them. Some say that the homework is just the revision of all the stuff they studied and want to learn something new. Some say that the homework is important so that the mind remembers all the concepts learnt during the previous year. There are many ways this conversation can go but I don’t want the reader to just get stuck here.

Moving on to the subject, schools in Pakistan such as Beacon House School System (where I study) give their students holiday home work. All the other schools here do the same. And my experience of the summer holidays has been so that I don’t do my summer holiday home work anymore. Want to know why? That’s because the institution dose not force us to do the summer holiday homework. Ever since I have been getting summer holiday homework, I completed it. But all the effort went to waste as the school didn’t pay attention to it. All the hard work goes to waste. So here began a revolution in my mind, if the school won’t check the homework, I won’t do it.  That is actually natural behavior. If you ask me the school actually wastes paper on printing all the homework for almost 600 students. And most of them either won’t bother to check the homework don’t bother to read it, and yet some just lose it. The ones who do it, good for them but they just waste their time as it does not make a difference to the school. The one’s, who do not do the homework, don’t worry about it. If it matters to the school it should begin enforcing it. Tell the students to do their homework (in the summer holidays if you tell the ones who don’t do the homework when they come back to school it will be disastrous) or you will be expelled or you will lose marks in your exams and mumbo jumbo stuff like that.

Well let’s move on. Now I am going to put forward some lame and some good excuses for the students who don’t do their homework and or did not bring it.

The lame excuses:

  1. I could not do the homework because my right hand was bitten by a dog.
  2. I could not do my home work because I was sick for three months straight.
  3. I could not do my homework because I had to go to vacation for a month.
  4. I could not do my home work because I was busy doing exercise.
  5. I could not do my homework because I had my relatives in the house.
  6. I could not do my homework because I lost the sheet on which it was written.
  7. I could not bring my homework because:
  • A dog ate it.
  • I lost it.
  • It soaked wet because of rain.
  • I was at the beach and the sea washed it away.
  • It caught fire because of a lightning bolt/ it accidentally went into the electric heater.
  • The police arrested it because it contained the words ‘drug smuggler’.

So here are all the lame excuses when he or she is caught having not done his home work.

Now let’s move on to the rather reasonable excuses

The reasonable not so lame excuses:

  1. The school shows no interest in checking the home work and neither enforces the children to do it.
  2. The students don’t want to do it. ( lame )

Well there are only two reasons and the second one is just lame.

For the school I have some other suggestions which are alternate to our summer holiday homework. The school should tell us to buy our syllabus as we will be able to study new things and will be more prepared for the next studying year. Well this is just the only suggestion to the problem so that’s that.

This report is written as to be given to the teacher or headmistress if I am faced with the prospect of having to present my holiday homework because I have not done it.

(Haider Raza Bhutta is just about to start his O’level studies at the time of this writing)


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