Why What When how

who what when


By Khadija Raza Bhutta

Why What When how – these four words are the meaning of life or should I say the words you say


Let me introduce myself I am Khadija Raza Bhutta 11 years old in 6 grade this is my first report and I wrote a very interesting report. I hope you like it!

As I said about why what when where – some people will think, what nonsense or, this is all folks! but let me tell you people that I always talk on those topics which are true and first I research on that. Ok now let’s start.

When I said words you say I meant it by saying that the words in your sentences mean these 4 words, as for example I say, this is not possible!. It means how, the word how, well isn’t used in the sentence but when we will concentrate on that sentence it does mean the same as in that sentence.

Let’s move to when now, this word is usually used when we want to go somewhere, let’s use this in some sentences.

When are we going to move to Chicago.

When is my friend going to arrive.

When is the party going to start.

When are we going to the movies.

When is it going to be the time.


So this word is used in many kind of sentences.

So let’s just move on the next word what this is also very commonly said, and everybody use this word even the illiterate say that in their own language well it has no right meaning. Its only about how you pronounce it and this word describes your life issues. Now think how.

Let’s move onto “why” this word is the most important word in our life, “why” is this , “why” is that and its answer is “how”, and “how’s” Answer is “what”, and “what’s” answer is “when” and then it all stops.

Let me explain you this, first when we ask a question we say, “Why” are we in this world?  The person says, to make a difference, we say “how” to make a difference? He says by making God happy and changing some people’s life for a better world! we say then “what” will happen? He says we will live and then die! then we say “when” will that happen? The person says “when” the world ends!




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