STRATEGIC Human Resource

STRATEGIC Human Resource

Since the time Human Resource has established in Pakistan as a recognized profession the term Strategic HR has been used invariably. The “modern” and “aristocratic” meetings of HR forums and conferences use the term “Strategic” in a fashionable way. Those HR professionals who do not use the term in their presentations and talks are perceived as outdated, bad mannered and not professionals. However, I felt over the years that those who use the term proudly are not much aware of what it entails and use it TO IMPRESS. Please bear with me as I am outdated and do not want to use the term.

Over the years, while being in Human Resource I have witnessed a very different kind of HR operation. I have worked or at least TRIED to work WITH the Human Resource of the companies for which I have worked. These Human Resources had been of varied backgrounds ranging from the very articulate, educated and top of the line affluent members of the society, to illiterate workers making hardly both ends. I remained amazed at the audacity of the organization with which, it helped to entertain both types of workforce. However, it remained that such diversity is a must to live and run the organization and thus the matters of the universe.

During all these years Strategic Human Resource remained the corner stone of all my activities. But this strategic human resource to me had a very different meaning and taste and Strategic Human Resource of the forums and conferences could not come closer to this. I believe that in Human Resource functions the biggest strategic human resource is dealt when the Human Resource people (staff that works in HR department) know the people of the organization. We believe that strategies are made in rooms, and exercised at floors. But I have seen that these strategies are also made at floors. I have hardly made any strategies during the course of my employment, but I tried to BE with the people of my organization. I remained Engaged with the people and always grasped at the opportunities to get closer and to remain in touch with them. Remaining Engaged is the biggest strategy I could have used to motivate, retain, groom and bring the best out of my people at the organization. Engagement is Strategic Human Resource.  We will discuss this ENGAGEMENT in some other article.

By Umer Raza Bhutta


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