Weekend Motivation

I have learned, over the years that I spent in HR, that it is more important to Engage with your people i.e. Human Resource on a regular basis than to be in the office the day long and make strategies. Engaging with your people in the organization is one most important element of the human resource function. Strategic thinking can be delivered to the CEO but the engagement is delivered right at the door step of the human resource for which you are delivering strategic thinking to the CEO.

There are many ways of engagement. Let me elaborate on one such engagement, I experienced in my company. Once I received a beautiful email with great motivational presentation for day-to-day life. This was a Friday and I thought of sharing this with few of my cousins and friends on email. Then I thought of adding a personal comment to it. When I was writing this comment I thought of few of my staff in different locations in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad whom I have had conversations and they shared their point of view on motivation and lack of motivation. When I wrote the comment, instead of sending this mail to my friends and cousins, I directed the mail towards the every one mail address, (which being Head of HR I had the privilege to have).

This mail reached in the inbox of every of my Human Resource in the company with the caption “Weekend Motivation” and with wishes of having a nice family time over the weekend. This was not only the good words in the presentation that I sent which mattered but a personal message from the Head of HR that was of value to all the staff in the company. This one little act turned out to be start of a new Jargon within the company “Weekend Motivation”. Later I started receiving some material from my staff to be sent through my mail of weekend motivation to all. These were not only the junior staff but I was happy to receive material from senior staff members as well. I welcomed it and with the name of the sender passed it over to everyone in the company. This weekend motivation is not only a presentation with nice words and pictures, but now it is a complete theme of the weekend with which each employee of my company goes home each weekend.

This is the engagement that a Human Recourse Department needs to have with it’s people. This engagement helps to go near to the human resources. Going near to them is important to understand them and let them have an easy access to Human Recourse. This easy access creates helpful link with the staff and makes them understand what they are expected to do and how they can contribute towards the growth of the company.

By Umer Raza Bhutta


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