Bring Back the Family

Three ways to enhance office productivity Through staff families By Umer Raza Organizations are trying different means for creating the organization a family organization. Organizations arrange Iftar parties, outdoor trips, dinners, sport galas and different programs. Some times annually (once a year) the real family of the staff is also invited to take part in... Continue Reading →

Having Productive and Fun Time as a family

Simple and Easy By Umer Raza In current times there are a lot of distractions all over. These distractions, distract us in our daily routine and we hardly can focus on tasks at hand with complete attention. Phone wrings, whatsapp beeps, face book updates, tweets, emails, television and what not. These are just few examples... Continue Reading →

Jobless is not Workless

  Three essential ways to get a JOB By Umer Raza How many times do we hear about joblessness. How many times do we feel the frustration of any one around us who is jobless. How many times do those who have reached at a position of authority listen to the calls of references from... Continue Reading →

Single Principal of Leadership

قبیلے والوں کے دِل جوڑئیے مرے سردار/ سروں کو کاٹ کے سرداریاں نہیں چلتیں

The Kitchen Will Run

  By Umer Raza A usual way of comforting our self for doing a job, a work or taking any odd assignment that does not fall under purview of our objectives, is to give the reason that “After all I have to run the Kitchen”.   You might have heard such an argument that i... Continue Reading →

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